As some of you may know, I am definitely not the most athletic or outdoorsy. For our first enrichment week we traveled to Peru to visit the city of Cusco and make the infamous three- day trek to Manchu Picchu. While in Cusco we did more sightseeing of the churches and explored street markets and shops. There I made quite a few purchases of alpaca products, one of which became part of my eclectic travel outfit. We also celebrated our first holiday away from home, Halloween by dressing up using what little clothes we had. I was not quite prepared for the intensity of the three day trek but it was by far the most amazing hike I have ever been on. The first day we summited a few-thousand-meter mountain, as it snowed and hailed on us for several hours. Our first campsite was surrounded by the most incredible view of snow covered- glaciers. I have never seen so many stars in my life. Luckily, the next day our hike was warmer and took us up and down a mountainside where we had a beautiful view of different tree and plant species. Although the second campsite was next to relaxing natural springs, the mosquitoes were absolutely miserable. My friend and I stayed in the pool for about 6 hours in order to avoid being attacked by bugs like the rest of the group. The last day we walked along a train track that passed through mountains. By the third day, we were tired and just wanted to take the trains that passed us walking. However, I am glad that I pushed through and finished the hike. For the rest of the trip we stayed in a little town called Aguas Calientes right next to Manchu Picchu. The next day we explored Manchu Picchu and took a guided tour of the ruins. The history and innovative engineering that went into building this Wonder of the World made the arduous hike well worth it. After our successful first enrichment week came to an end, we were all very excited to head for Asia but definitely not excited for our 52 hour travel day

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