Nothing prepared me enough for the ignorance I had surrounding the current state of Cambodia. I had learned about Cambodia briefly in history when discussing Angor Wat but I had never heard about the genocide that destroyed the country during the 70s. The first day we were in Pnenom Pen we visited the Killing Fields and prisons used during the genocide. I don’t think anyone in my group was ready for the emotional reality surrounding this tragic event. I was so shocked my school and many of my peer’s schools had not taught this in class. After a couple days in Pnenom Pen we drove to Sien Riep. We visited our second Wonder of the World and watched the sunrise at Wangor Wat. The size and detailed architecture that made this massive palace converted temple was astonishing. There were monkeys running around everywhere and one of our group leaders was unfortunately bit by one of them. We visited other temples on the site and then took a tour of the Palace. Despite the poverty of the country, the architecture was very intricate and well maintained. I also realized that I really love Cambodian food, it’s like a combination of Asian and Frech cuisine. After a week in Cambodia, we travelled to India.

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